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The home is where the
kitchen is.

It is our mission here at Smarter to make your existing kitchen Smart by connecting old appliances and bringing them into the connected world. Using Smarter products, you will save time and money giving you the freedom to live life outside the kitchen.

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Our CEO, Christian Lane began the Smarter journey in 2013 with the launch of the world’s first Wi-Fi connected kettle. His vision was to create a truly connected home that is accessible, affordable and simply put, understandable. As a British technology company, what better place to start than the much loved traditional British kettle.

After the success of our original iKettle on Firebox we have since launched the Smarter Coffee machine and iKettle 2.0 and expanded our distribution throughout the UK and Europe.

2017 will see the global launch of our eagerly anticipated FridgeCam which will not only make shopping for groceries a breeze, but will also go a long way to reducing household food waste, a major environmental issue. It will also save our customers money! 2017 will also see the launch of iKettle 3rd Generation and Smarter Coffee 2nd Generation with some amazing new features and compatibilities.

The Team

Christian Lane


Isabella Lane

Managing Director

Andreas Lane


Alistair Lowe

R&D Manager

Daulat Sen


Barnaby Sellers

Sales Manager

Ran Janda

Head of Internal Operations

Jonathan Pick

Project Manager

"Smarter wants to smarten up your dumb kitchen"


"Such rapid growth is impressive"

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