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3 Easy tips to reduce food waste.

By September 14, 2018 FridgeCam No Comments
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Reducing food waste has many benefits, some of which include economic, environmental and social.

The economic benefits mean that households can reduce their overall food bills per month, freeing up money to invest in other areas. The environmental impact means that less food will end up in landfills and the social impact is that food can be redirected to those communities in need.

1. Don’t overbuy.

Make sure you’re prepared when going to the supermarket with a shopping list. Imagine the number of times you’ve bought duplicate items that you don’t need. With FridgeCam you can generate a shopping list via the Smarter app through your inventory!

2. First in, first out.

Practice first in, first out – this means moving your older items to the front of your shelf in the fridge, so they are not forgotten. This can help you manage your food items more efficiently and prevent throwing them away. Make sure you track those items with FridgeCam so you use them up before their best before date!

3. Use up your leftovers.

Whether you take it to work the next day or simply save time by eating it for dinner, you’ll be economical in every way! Take the time to think about how you can use up your leftovers to prevent food waste.

3 Easy tips to reduce food waste.
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