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5 Reasons you need a Smarter FridgeCam in your life!

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Picture of Smarter FridgeCam on the fridge door.

Start a revolution in your kitchen

Your kitchen is where most of the good stuff happens. Family dinners, lazy breakfasts, chats over coffee and trips to the fridge to see what goodies are inside. At Smarter, we’re all about making your kitchen a better place, and your fridge is where it all starts.

Half the time most of us don’t even know what’s in our fridge, so we struggle to plan meals or reduce waste, and the other half we spend realising we’ve just bought something at the shops that was already in there.

Enter FridgeCam, a little something that we’re exceptionally proud of – after all, it’s the world’s first wireless camera that can retrofit into any fridge. But what’s it for? Why would I want a camera in my fridge, you ask? Let us tell you!

1. One of a kind

It’s quite simple: FridgeCam takes a photo every time you are closing your fridge door and sends it to your smartphone or device. You can always see what’s in there. It’s a discreet little piece of kit, fitted with some clever AI that’s here to revolutionise how you shop and reduce food waste.

Did we mention it’s a world’s first? Well, it bears repeating. The FridgeCam is utterly unique. You would have to purchase a whole new fridge from other brands to get access to the same innovative technology. We’ve made it far easier for you to start saving time and money.

“We want to change the way people interact with their kitchen, the heart of the home, in the best way possible.” Christian Lane, CEO, Smarter.

This compact gadget is the future. Our CEO Christian shares his FridgeCam love here.

2. FridgeCam saves you time

The food shop isn’t often the highlight of your week, and it can be time-consuming – especially if you have no idea what you need to buy. The Smarter FridgeCam allows you to see the contents of your fridge from anywhere via the Smarter App (which is compatible with iOS and Android devices).

Knowing exactly what’s in your fridge will stop you from having to trawl the aisles for something you might not even need and stop unnecessary trips to the supermarket. It also saves time and hangry “debates” with your nearest and dearest when it comes to deciding what to cook once you get home.

Forget using Post-it notes or old receipts to jot down what you need to grab for dinner. Using your in-app shopping list, you can add expired or used fridge items ready for your next trip to the shops and plan for what you need to pick up next time. The FridgeCam will save you a tonne of prep and planning time – which means more time for, well, whatever else you fancy!

3. FridgeCam saves you money

The FridgeCam is very affordable when you consider that to get access to the same tech from other brands you’d have to buy an entire smart fridge! It’s an investment that will soon be outweighed by the amount you will save from not buying things you don’t need in your fridge.

We tend to go to the supermarket when we’re hungry (bad idea) and often we’re not even sure of everything we need, so we buy some random things at times.

You can tell your FridgeCam what items you have in your fridge by using your ‘inventory’ on the app and add new items to keep it updated. You won’t spend any money on food you don’t need – unless you want to of course!

If you buy your Smarter FridgeCam with a fridge from Currys, it’s only £99.99!

4. It helps prevent food and energy waste

Research shows that each household in the UK wastes an average £700 on food waste per year. At Smarter, we’re always thinking about how we can reduce food waste – and the FridgeCam has been a key part of this.

It comes with a Best Before Tracker. This will remind you to cook, eat or use items in the fridge that are due to expire. You won’t waste them through forgetting to check. No more having to sniff something before you eat it – you’ll know when it’s going to stop tasting good (this may not apply to some cheeses).

Power and energy are also wasted every time the fridge door is opened, so if you’re doing that countless times a day it adds up. FridgeCam lets you see what’s in there before you open the door, letting cold air out and warm air in, costing money and potentially spoiling food.

5. It makes your life easier

Everything we’ve already told you about the Smarter FridgeCam boils down to this: it makes life easier. No more random trips to the supermarket because you “might need eggs”. No more wondering when the milk will go off and you’ll have to forgo that cup of tea and biscuit. You’ll save time and money and be able to plan ahead for buying food.

But as a piece of tech, FridgeCam does some other cool stuff too. For one thing, it integrates with other smart home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and IFTTT (If This Then That) so you can ask Alexa, “what’s in my fridge?” and she’ll tell you!

And its setup is simple and secure. It pairs with your devices using BlinkUp Technology and allows instant one-step setup to your FridgeCam in mere seconds.

A world of pure Innovation

So, it’s pretty clear that the Smarter FridgeCam is here to make some serious changes to your fridge and your life. You can find out more here on our product page, or head to Currys, and pick one up for yourself.

“My vision for Smarter is to create beautifully designed products and software that’s intuitive and easy to use” Andreas Lane, CDO, Smarter

Want to meet one of the people behind the Smarter FridgeCam? Chief Development Officer Andreas Lane is passionate about the product and gives you even more reasons to get one for yourself! Read Andreas’ story, here.

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5 Reasons you need a Smarter FridgeCam in your life!
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