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Brits could bin £1.7 billion of food this Christmas, Smarter survey

By December 21, 2016 Tech No Comments

British households waste £1.72 billion worth of food and drink over Christmas – according to new research.

The survey, conducted by Smarter, the British company with inventive products for a connected life, uncovered the extreme amount of food wasted in households across the UK over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

The average household throws away a quarter (24%) of the food and drinks they buy for the festive period, equating to £64.58 waste per home.


Households are expected to waste 10 times more food during the Christmas period than an average day.


The study found that the daily cost of wasted food over the Christmas period is 10 times higher than the amount households waste on an average day (£2.09 worth of food and drink).

Overall, dessert and chocolates were the biggest culprit of food waste, with half of the people (48%) over-purchasing sweet treats over the Christmas period.

Alcohol came in a close second, with nearly half of us (42%) stocking up on too many festive tipples.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to the main event, Brussel sprouts were found to be in the top three most likely food items left on our plates, with 42% of diners admitting to not touching them, behind cranberry sauce (44%) and cabbage (45%).

Three-quarters of households (74%) admitted that over-buying food and drink at Christmas happens regularly.

The biggest reason for buying too much food is simply misjudging the amount needed, with well over half of households (59%) making a miscalculation.


The Smarter FridgeCam coming in 2017 will change the way we live in the kitchen.

Christian Lane, CEO at Smarter, who is launching the FridgeCam in January in a bid to put an end to food waste, said: “We all anticipate a little over-indulgence at Christmas, but our research shows that households hugely overestimate how much food and drink they’ll need. Food waste is a serious problem and is something households can take simple steps to prevent, at a time of festive feasts and beyond.”

Brits could bin £1.7 billion of food this Christmas, Smarter survey
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