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Come on London, lets celebrate what makes us great!

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London Tech Week

As a business based in London Bridge, last weekend’s events cast a very real shadow over our city and everyday Londoners. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by this terrible incident.

It is important in these tough times that we embrace moments that celebrate collaboration, cohesion and success. That’s why we are glad that London Tech Week is almost upon us.

Last year’s Brexit vote fell in the middle of London Tech Week and dismayed many in the industry (and continues to do so), not having the political pressure this time around is welcome. And having looked at the schedule of events, it is great to see a diversity of locations – the opening of Plexal in the East, various events in Croydon Tech City and events in South West and West London. The spread of tech around the capital city and its pervasiveness can only be a force for good.



What is London Tech Week?

A quick Google search will reveal that it is a festival of tech, connecting science and creative minds, corporates and grass roots, startups and scale ups, strengthening London’s status as a global powerhouse of tech. Last year’s London Tech Week comprised over 300 individual events and attracted more than 40,000 visitors from all over the world.

However, it’s becoming so much more.

London Tech Week will be bigger and better than ever. We have noticed a mix of companies and organisations hosting events, including law firms and other professional services keen to pass on their skills and knowledge to those starting or scaling up. There are now more than 40,000 digital technology companies in the capital, with that figure expected to exceed 50,000 by 2025.



It’s all about embracing emerging technologies and the digital economy. For our own part, we’ll be out and about, meeting people and talking about the smart cities as an IoT company that has both a mix of hardware and software elements to it – a real catch-all business.

Collaboration and diversity have been embedded into our business since its inception in 2013. We have a small (but growing) range of products and work with some of the best in smart technology to leverage interoperability between our products and other services and suppliers. Our business is built on successful and loyal relationships to bring the benefits of technology to life.

London Tech Week is but once a year. The rest of the time however, there are a lot of great businesses, people and places making this part of the UK economy stronger, bigger and better.



It offers opportunities that hitherto didn’t exist and enables individuals to start-up on their own or with valued co-founders. Where there is a lack of diversity, this is recognised and talked about. Where businesses can work together, either in co-working spaces or virtually, they do.

And just like London overall, Tech Week “brings talent, creativity and innovation together”.

For more information, please see londontechweek.com

Come on London, lets celebrate what makes us great!
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