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Females in the technology industry in 2019

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In 2015, Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg announced: ‘’The word ‘female,’ when inserted in front of something, is always with a note of surprise. Female COO, female pilot, female surgeon — as if the gender implies surprise … One day there won’t be female leaders. There will just be leaders.’’ The question is, four years later, is it still so surprising for female leaders to exist within the technology industry? Or is this simply an outdated stigma?

Currently, women have emerged in all sectors ranging from finance to beauty and even healthcare. They have proven their worth to ensure that they are here to stay. Yet, there is still a dispute in countless countries across the world about whether a woman should be allowed to be in a position of power. In fact, in India for example, less than 5% of S&P CEOs are female while in the UK, 25% of S&Ps CEOs are female. Is it something to be proud of considering that just 40% of American men hold MBAs compared to 36% of American women who hold MBAs. Why are the figures of female CEOs not equal or even just 4% less?

It is important that in 2019 and every year forward we as a society support women and encourage equality in the workplace as according to Financial News, the UK’s most diverse workplaces — across gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation — were 12 percentage points more likely to financially outperform their industry average than the least diverse firms.

Here are three reasons why the world needs more female CEOs:

  • To develop the talent that is lying unused among their employees and which is therefore wasted. Instead of promoting male employees, female employees should also be given equal measure within tasks to foster progression. Two heads are certainly better than one!
  • Women leaders have also been shown to develop innovative approaches to mentoring such as peer-to-peer and reverse mentoring. These are powerful tools for building bridges into leadership as they unlock potential within businesses through reflection, connection, critical insight and knowledge exchange.
  • The presence of more female CEOs is an indicator that they have been implementing policies and practices that promote gender diversity at all leadership levels. This is a positive note for the future as female CEOs act as role models for the younger generations.

Do you agree? Is there a female in a leadership position within your office? If not, can you ensure that there will be one soon?






Females in the technology industry in 2019
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