The FridgeCam™

The FridgeCam is the first wireless camera that fits inside any fridge, allowing you to see the contents from anywhere via the Smarter App.

In addition, the FridgeCam will also help track expiry dates, auto-replenish and suggest recipes based on the food in your fridge. Food wastage will be a thing of the past!




The average household throws away £700 of food a year.

We throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year in the UK, and more than half of this is food and drink we could have eaten. The FridgeCam is designed to help reduce this food waste by up to 50% and save you money every year.

The amount of food wasted in each country (Millions of tonnes)

Percent of all purchased food which is thrown away


Only £99 to make any fridge smart.

Order your Smarter FridgeCam to make your kitchen smarter.