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How our Head of Customer Service, Aaron Koumi, uses his iKettle

By August 21, 2018 Smarter Team No Comments
Aaron Koumi, Head of Customer Service at a Smarter event.

With the FridgeCam, iKettle and Smarter Coffee already available across the nation, customer service is an essential part of Smarter’s journey to ensure our customers are satisfied to the utmost degree. Aaron Koumi, Customer Service Manager explains that YOUR call is important to us, as he works towards delivering the best experience for customers as they use Smarter’s products. Additionally, we decided to ask Aaron some questions on his Smarter experience at work and at home!

You joined the Smarter team pretty recently, what was it that drew you to the Smarter company?

I love Smart Home technology so the opportunity to work for an exciting start-up within the space and be part of the next wave of products to change the way people use everyday appliances is what drew me to Smarter.

How do you make the most of your iKettle at home?

Being able to stay sitting on my sofa when my partner asks me to put the kettle on! Joking aside, I love being able to use the app to control everything from the temperature to turning the kettle on just makes a very busy life that little bit less hectic..

What features of the iKettle have worked the best with your lifestyle and why?

I think the wake-up and home modes are great, having the water ready for me to make a tea or coffee when I wake up or get home from work is something I love about this product.

How our Head of Customer Service, Aaron Koumi, uses his iKettle
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