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It’s International Coffee Day! Here are 5 Coffee Facts and Myths You Need to Know.

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5 Coffee Facts and Myths You Need to Know

Coffee is popular worldwide. In fact, over 2.25 billion people consume it regularly with 150 million of them being American citizens. Unfortunately, misconceptions about this drink have persisted ever since the discovery of its potential uses in the ninth century. Separating facts from myths is critical in helping people understand what coffee can do for them and what it cannot do.

Here are five coffee facts and myths you need to know from our friends over at Coffee Dorks, who know a thing or two about coffee:

  1. Coffee Lowers Your Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s disease: Fact

Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that is responsible for 60% to 70% of all dementia cases worldwide. Short-term memory loss is one of its symptoms, as is disorientation and difficulties with speech. Currently, slightly over 30 million people live with it globally. Recently, researchers discovered that regular consumption of coffee prevents the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. It does that by reducing the amount of beta-amyloid that is in your brain. Beta-amyloid is a destructive protein found in the brain matter of people who have Alzheimer’s disease.

  1. Drinking Too Much Coffee Can Kill You: Fact

Coffee contains caffeine, which is a psychoactive substance. That means it alters your brain function. For example, it leads to changes in a person’s mood, level of consciousness, and behavior. It is worth noting that being psychoactive does not mean that it is unsuitable for consumption. In fact, some psychoactive substances have medicinal value while others are purely for recreational purposes. Coffee is one of them. Only high doses of it would harm you. More specifically, 50 to 100 cups of it in a day can kill you. Health experts recommend a maximum of 4 cups a day.

  1. The Most Expensive Coffee Comes From the Poop of an Animal: Fact

The Asian palm civet is a medium-sized mammal that is native to Southeast Asia. Their diet consists of berries and pulpy fruits including mango, coffee, and rambutan. They also eat insects and small mammals as well. Interestingly, the civet excretes coffee berries as they are because it cannot digest them. Farmers have learned to collect its poop and extract the beans from it. Then they process these berries into unique and high-quality coffee that costs over $600 for each pound of it.

  1. An Afternoon Cup of Coffee Causes Insomnia: Myth

As previously mentioned, coffee contains a psychoactive substance known as caffeine that stimulates your brain. That is why it keeps you awake at night or boosts your alertness in the morning. However, that only happens four to seven hours after drinking it. Remember, liquids move through your digestive system quickly. This means that, if you drink it from 2pm to 5pm,  it will be out of your system by the time you go to sleep. Therefore, drinking coffee in the afternoon will not cause insomnia.

  1. Coffee Makes You Lose Weight: Myth

Most people claim that coffee helps you lose weight by increasing your rate of metabolism. Unfortunately, this assertion is inaccurate. In truth, coffee increases your metabolic rate, but this rate of increase is insufficient. In other words, it is too low to have a significant impact on your weight.

This latest article is part of Smarter’s guest blog series written by Coffee Dorks, visit their site here.

It’s International Coffee Day! Here are 5 Coffee Facts and Myths You Need to Know.
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