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Isabella Lane’s Week with the FridgeCam

Picture of Smarter FridgeCam on the fridge door.

Our team interviewed Smarter’s Managing Director, Isabella Lane, on her week using FridgeCam. Here is what we found out:

With the launch of the FridgeCam this week, you have been overseeing it’s rise to fruition, but how do you make use of the FridgeCam in your day to day life?

Looking at what I have at home on the way back from the office has been a life changer. You feel the waste-saving benefits immediately as you notice throwing less away, but the time saving has been my favourite part. I used to automatically go to the shops on my way home and I have totally cut that out.

As the person responsible for ensuring the Smarter vision is upheld, how do you envision the FridgeCam impacting our day to day lives?

When we first came up with the idea, it was around the basic promise of seeing what you had in when you were out. During the development process, the ideas and opportunities with the product expanded and now the fact that with the FridgeCam you will be able to have products automatically replenished is what will change routines and lives.

Isabella Lane’s Week with the FridgeCam
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