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Do you know how your colleagues take their tea?

By October 24, 2018 Tea No Comments

Did you know, 165 million cups of tea are consumed each day in Britain?!

In light of this stat, we decided to ask our team members how they take their tea!

It was interesting for us to discover that within our team, 21% of the team members are non-tea drinkers or they simply preferred coffee. In fact, twice as many people selected breakfast tea as their tea of choice. With some of them indulging their sweet tooth by adding sugar in their tea, everyone agreed that breakfast tea had to have at least a splash of milk or more! This correlates with the recent study conducted by the UK Tea & Infusions Association demonstrating that 98% of tea is taken with milk.

With the growing influence of ‘’matcha’’ and awareness of the benefits of green tea and other herbal teas, it was no surprise to find that 26% of our team members opted for herbal teas. In particular, people chose green tea as they ‘’feel good inside after drinking it’’.

Not only this, but we certainly have our tea-connoisseurs at Smarter! Just a small 10% of our company admitted to having various teas depending on how they feel. ‘’Ginger, lemon and honey when I feel a cold coming!’’, ‘’Lapsang souchong (black tea from China) with a little milk before I sleep’’and ‘’Haldi tea because I love the infusion of turmeric and cinnamon!’’.

This certainly illustrates that there are an array of teas present and consumed on a daily basis within the UK. We don’t just drink English Breakfast Tea but in fact, the UK hosts countless teas from across the globe!

So, how does your office like their tea?

Do you know how your colleagues take their tea?
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