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National Tea Day – Smarter Survey

By April 24, 2017 Tea No Comments
National tea day

There are sacred days during the calendar year in the UK and then there is National Tea Day.

A cup of tea is the bedrock of British culture.

It sometimes feels as if there is a day for everything at the moment, but National Tea Day on 21st April gave us an opportunity to survey 1,000 people about their tea drinking habits. The results were surprising – we suspected the nation loved a cuppa, but little did we know how much parity there would be in peoples’ tea tastes!

Also, being a company blog, expect some shameless self-promoting of our own iKettle.

We at Smarter take pride in mixing the best of technology with the best of design to create products that just get better and better. The functionality of our products improves over their lives as we make regular upgrades to our software on the basis of customer feedback, evolving technology and suggestions from our team, who are our best testers and advocates.

Our tea research focused on the timing of taking tea, how tea is taken, and also, what type of tea is most popular.

It was pretty good to see that people like to take tea in the middle of the day. It is important to take breaks during work time and having a cup of tea is akin to the “water cooler” moment where you can socialize and catch-up with colleagues. 44%, so almost half, have a cuppa between 2-4pm. The iKettle is ideal for an office, because it is a large kettle and can be operated from the comfort of anyone’s desk, provided they have downloaded the app – you can also operate the kettle manually!

The second most popular time for tea is after-work. Again, this is where the iKettle comes into its own. You can ask it to boil on your way home from work, ensuring that it is ready when you get arrive – meaning no time is wasted and you can prepare your tea immediately.

In addition to Brits being quite a pedestrian lot when it comes to tea-time, we are almost all in sync with how to make tea. A whopping 80% putting boiled water in the cup first, allowing the tea to brew and adding milk. Average brew time is four minutes with 86% removing the tea bag to drink.

Tea personality might be slightly out there but we had a bit of fun with our survey and found out that there are indeed different tea personality types:

On balance of this graphic, where do you think your tea says about you?

But not all tea is created equal and neither can it all be taken at the same temperature. The iKettle allows you to boil at different temperatures – ensuring the best tasting tea at any time.

So, enjoy taking tea – whichever way you like best, and at whatever time of day. Let us know though – we love to hear our customer stories and also, snippets of how to best make tea and other hot drinks. Get in touch!


National Tea Day – Smarter Survey
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