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Never waste food again with the help of FridgeCam

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Did you know food waste is one of the biggest environmental issues in the UK? With the average household wasting £470 worth of food a year, Globally, we eat 11.5 million pounds of food in just sixty seconds, that’s about 20 million Big Macs! At the same time, we also waste 2,472 tonnes of food which goes onto generating 19m tonnes of greenhouse gases over its lifetime, by reducing that food waste we could prevent pollution that would be equivalent to taking one in four cars off UK roads!

So, how can we lessen our impact on the environment to save our planet?  

A simple, inexpensive solution, FridgeCam is the hero in the home that will minimise our food waste allowing you to see the contents of your fridge from anywhere! FridgeCam will let you know when the Midnight Munchers have hit the fridge or help you plan your plant based cooking week. You can even create your own Smarter shopping list with FridgeCam so you always ‘Bring Home the Bacon’.

As a nation of ‘As and When’ shoppers we visit the shops around 1.6 times a week, this may not come to a surprise to most of us as two-thirds of us regularly visit a supermarket more than once a day! I’m sure we can all relate to the days we get home after a long day of work, start cooking and realise we’re missing a key ingredient. The thought of having to drag ourselves back to the supermarket to get what we need plus another four things we forgot for the rest of the week’s meals is not ideal.

FridgeCam is the answer to all your needs; you can know what you have in, even when you’re out via the Smarter App. FridgeCam will take a photo every time you open and close your fridge door and send it to your smartphone, so you can always see what you need. You can also keep on top of the items in the fridge by using FridgeCam’s Best Before Tracker so no more throwing away outdated food! You won’t double up on groceries, meaning less food waste and smarter spending!

With this in mind, we can all do our part and make a difference to save our planet! Be mindful of what you throw away and pay attention to what you buy!

Get your FridgeCam now at https://store.smarter.am

Never waste food again with the help of FridgeCam
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