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Our top five ‘smarter’ tech picks at CES 2017

By January 8, 2017 Events No Comments
CES Las Vegas 2017.

An overwhelming chaotic tech blur.

That is the best way to describe CES – the biggest tech show on the planet where the world’s tech industry converges along the iconic Las Vegas strip for the giant consumer electronic event.

Like the other 3500+ exhibitors showcasing their latest wares here, it’s been a massive week for the Smarter team as we unveiled the FridgeCam to the attending 150,000+ masses.

Our latest innovative product has been lapped up in Las Vegas over the week, with plenty wanting to get their hands on one for their own fridge at home.


Check out some of the coverage here from BBC, FOX NEWS, Associated Press, CNNEngadget, The Verge, The Today Show to just name a few.

The electronic event has been providing the forum of ground-breaking technology for half a century and 2017 is no different.

This year has seen the industry continue its shift towards focusing on the development of astounding smart products that are both convenient and concentrate on a much wider humanity aspect.

While this week CES 2017 exhibitors have been heavily focused on their own gadget launches, we managed to get out and see some of the thousands of new tech on show.

Here is our top five that we think would do well in our connected homes.


Floating Speakers



We all love a wireless speaker but this has got to be the one to have in the home. This 360-degree speaker hovers in mid-air, over a base called the ‘Levitation Station’. How it works is it contains electromagnets that keep the speakers floating.

You’ll actually want this to run out of battery life, when it does the speaker descends onto the base and then charges wirelessly with no interruption to music.

Given the size, the sound and quality of bass in the speaker we could be sold on this one.



Fenotek’s hi) Smart Doorbell



This smart wireless doorbell not only recognises familiar faces but can also notify you via iOS and Android app when a stranger is approaching the front door.

With a real-time app notification allows homeowners to confirm identities and also features round the clock video monitoring all from the ease of your smartphone.

It’s a positive measure to take if you are in need of beefing up your home security.

The GSM-enabled video doorbell is available for pre-order and is created by french startup Fenotek.



Smart Remote



Labelled as the ‘remote for everything’, Sevenhug’s Smart Remote can give users the control of all their smart devices at homes simply pointing at them.

The Smart Remote is compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared devices, which can be detected with sensors placed throughout the house. This can range from lighting, TVs, speakers, cams, fans even Uber.

The Smart Remote recently completed a $1.1 million Kickstarter campaign and is now available for pre-order.





Much like our Smarter FridgeCam, the GeniCan is a trash can that lets you scan bar codes from boxes or other groceries that you’re throwing out creating an instant grocery shopping list.

If the item doesn’t have a bar code (like a toilet paper roll or apple), you can still scan it and use your voice and the system will add it to the shopping list.

GeniCan is similar to the FridgeCam in it’s purpose of modernising your shopping process.

It can also provide you with money-saving coupons and delivery options while seamlessly managing the inventory of your kitchen or pantry.






How many times do you go for a running only to have you earphones constantly pop out?

In the past the solution for this was that in-ear headphones would come with a range of ear buds, but they’ll never fit as well as a custom pair.

This is where Snugs has taken it to a whole other level, laser scanning your inner ear and then creating a 3D print headphones to fit perfectly in your ear canal.

These custom-fit noise-cancelling earphones are wireless and waterproof, and the longer bud design should keep them secure in your ear, making them ideal for exercise.



Our top five ‘smarter’ tech picks at CES 2017
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