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Simply secured

By June 27, 2017 Tech No Comments

There’s been a lot of talk around the security of IoT devices in the past few weeks. We at Smarter have always taken cybersecurity very seriously. For example, our latest technology, launched within our Smarter iKettle – 3rd Generation and Smarter Coffee – 2nd Generation uses BlinkUp technology, from Electric Imp. This is the first IoT platform with independent certification as to the security of its technology.

It’s only logical that we implement the safest and secure protocols into the latest generation of Smarter connected kitchen appliances.

Not only does the Smarter iKettle bring advanced security but also a simple pairing setup with the user’s smartphone. Literally, you’ll be boiling the kettle in seconds.

As industry standards and government regulations evolve, Smarter is consciously linked to maintaining a built-in functionality of continued vigilance, threat mitigation and security updates in our products.

In addition, Electric Imp details that its fully-integrated solution includes, authorised hardware modules running the impOS operating system, secure architecture (UL 2900-2-2 certified), programmable device and cloud application containers, and extensive managed cloud services – all purpose-built for IoT.

The platform which received UL 2900-2-2 certification for the cybersecurity of their IoT platform, gives a greater peace of mind to customers in their cyber due diligence.

Read more about Electric Imp platform here

Although we’ve heard it all before that cybersecurity can feel a bit esoteric. However we’ll say as well, protecting your devices is of paramount importance, so remember to adhere these basic tips that we can follow both in and outside the home.

1) At home: change your router password regularly:

Recent “ethical hacking” events have exposed Wi-Fi routers as a key weakness in some homes. Be proactive about this and do it at least once every month. Don’t just keep using the same password you get from your internet provider.

2) Understand your digital footprint:

We leave traces of our lives wherever we go online. Understand where you have been and how at risk you may be by auditing how many apps you have, how many are open, whether location services are always on, what social media platforms you use and how.

3) Always, always use two-step verification:

Two-step verification for logging into emails, social media and other platforms on a variety of devices is a must. It ensures a decent level of protection and whilst nothing is fool proof, having to enter a code from your phone as well as a password gives an added layer of security.



4) Update your apps

Software updates for apps improve performance, stability and can often have added security features. Our own Smarter app ensures that the usability of our devices improves over time and makes the hardware even better.

5) Lock everything

Always lock your computer, phone and table, wherever you are, but especially in public places. This is a simple way to protect yourself from prying eyes.

We hope these tips are useful but don’t forget to teach others too! Keep everyone informed and together we’ll be able to go some way to combatting security threats that appear daily online.

Simply secured
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