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Smarter CEO, Christian Lane, shares his thoughts and experience with FridgeCam.

Smarter's CEO, Christian Lane.

What were your key reasons for wanting to create the FridgeCam?

For decades we have shopped for and consumed our groceries in the same way. We need to change
the conversation and start thinking of how our appliances can support us efficiently managing the
kitchen on a daily basis. The result is a lot of wasted time, money and energy. The Smarter
FridgeCam was designed to help address the global food waste crisis by allowing users to see what’s
in their fridge from anywhere, approaching expiration dates and suggesting ways to use the foods
before they go bad.

What kind of impact do you foresee it having on people’s lives?

The aim is for FridgeCam to work seamlessly in the background to not only save people money, time
and energy, but the wider vision is to cut household food waste by 50%, a growing problem in the
everyday home. We want to change the way people interact with their kitchen, the heart of the home,
in the best way possible.

How has it already changed the way you interact with your fridge?

It makes me much more efficient. I’ve realised that I’m more conscious about letting food go to waste
because I’m prompted when an item is about to expire, which makes you more aware. I’m less
unsure of what to eat in the evenings too, because I tend to look at the app throughout the day to plan
what to eat in the evening. I also find myself buying less when I’m in store, because I can see what
extra ingredients I need to make dinner, as opposed to buying what I feel like in store and letting what
I have in my fridge to go waste. Overall, I’m making better decisions that are saving me money and
reducing food waste.

Why do you think it is so important?

As a company, we feel passionate about using technology for good, and with this device we have the
first of what will be a range of different products that together have the potential to not just drastically
reduce a family’s food waste but reduce it across the country and globally, which has enormous
benefits to the planet.

Smarter CEO, Christian Lane, shares his thoughts and experience with FridgeCam.
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