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Smarter Customer Stories

At Smarter, we are lucky and delighted to have a passionate community of technology, tea, and coffee lovers! Recently we asked you to share your experiences on how the iKettle and Smarter Coffee machine have changed your daily routine and we were completely moved by them!

To start off our first blog post we will share 5 of our favourite customer stories with 5 more to follow later on! Have a read below at what our customers have said about their Smarter products!

Robert’s Smarter story on how the iKettle helped him overcome the “snatch challenge” and become the best husband in the world:

Hi Smarter,

Buying your wife a kettle for Christmas is a brave move but thanks to your fantastic iKettle I’m now the best husband in the world!

My wife Maria lived in Buenos Aires for a few years and got to like drinking the local “yerba mate” herbal tea. This is drunk by adding hot water directly to the leaves in a gourd-like container then drinking it through a purpose made straw or “bombilla”. It’s quite a ritual and the key issue is that the water mustn’t be too hot or it spoils the flavour and can burn the mouth. This meant that also added to the ritual preparation was the kettle snatch. Trying to grab the kettle and switch it off before it reached boiling point, preferably at the ideal temperature of 85 C. Needless to say, the kettle snatch success rate was pretty low and the perfect brew was a rare thing. Then came the iKettle…….

Instead of pretending to stay asleep in the morning for fear of failing the kettle snatch challenge, I simply roll over, pick up my iPad or SmartPhone, dial-up 85C on the app and hit start. There’s not even any rush to get up as the keep warm feature maintains the optimum temperature for as long as I want. Stroll downstairs, pour and return with the perfect yerba made for my beautiful wife.

Thanks guys!

Tom’s Smarter story on how the iKettle helps ease living with a disability:

Dear Smarter,

I’d like to share my story with you of how your products have affected me and my lifestyle. My name is Tom, and I’m currently 24 years old. I have a physical condition with my back which led to life being a struggle. I was unemployed for a number of years due to not being able to find a job that would suit my disability. I ended up creating my own limited company which has allowed me to work from home. As a bonus from a company I was contracted for I was given a £100 Apple Store Gift Card, I was trolling their website for a number of hours thinking what can I spend it on without having to add additional funds to the purchase.

After finding the Smarter iKettle (V1) I began to look at some reviews for the item and couldn’t find much on it as it was relatively new. I thought I would make a gamble and try it out as I’m a very gadgety person. The day it arrived I was in a lot of pain, but was so excited to try it I struggled through and set it all up.

My initial impressions were it was very stylish and a product that felt well made. After testing for the day and enjoying using my phone to turn the iKettle on I was ecstatic and really happy with the purchase I made. Your product has really helped make my life that little easier now. Rather than having to get up turn the kettle on and wait 5 minutes for it to boil. I can turn it on from the comfort of my sofa or bed, go to the kitchen once I hear it boil to add my coffee to the mug and pour my cuppa.

Since purchasing my item everyone in my family now has the Smarter iKettle 2.0. They are all really pleased with their purchases. And although it’s a bit of fun for them they use it and like being able to boast at having a kettle that is controlled through their phone.

Once finances are better I will be purchasing the Wifi iKettle 2.0 and also the Smarter Coffee machine and I’m really looking forward to the benefits they will have to my lifestyle.

Thank you Smarter, For making my life that bit easier! 

Terry’s Smarter story on how the iKettle greets him when he gets home:

I have the smart iKettle, and love it. I bought a few skins for it so that I could blend in or liven up the kitchen depending on my mood! What I love the most is that when I get home, it welcomes me – and that prompts me to tell it to make me a brew which is great. By the time I get through the gate and unlock the door, put my things down, and into the kitchen – the kettle has boiled superb!

It has made me lazier in the fact that if I’m sat in the lounge and someone pops around when they come in, I’ll ask them if they want a coffee/tea – then use my app to boil it. A few moments later, it tells me that it’s boiled and then I go into the kitchen to make the drinks – always raises a few questions, like – are you gonna go put the kettle on then? And I say – just have….look haha. Loving it!

In the morning, I use the app to wake me up and then when I’m asked if I fancy a brew – it’s boiled by the time I get downstairs. I now want a kettle that is plumbed in, so it refills with water too!

Dave’s Smarter story on how the iKettle has made living with a disability easier:

Well, I am severely disabled and spend most of my time trying to find gadgets to make my life easier and making tea was quite a big issue for me. I have seen this kettle for a little while now and its predecessor and have spent a fair amount of time trying to envisage how it would work. I eventually took the plunge and bought one last week and what a fantastic buy. Instead of having to go back and forth to the kettle to switch on, boil and brew the tea I now can just sit comfortably, check the water level, switch the iKettle on and boil it up all from the comfort of my armchair or bed. This saves me at least 2 very painful journeys to the kettle every time I want to make tea. I can at least say to my long-suffering children that “I” have put the kettle on already which makes me feel a whole lot better believe me. Thank you for making my day considerably more bearable!

Sarah-Jane’s Smarter story on how Formula mode has come in handy with nighttime feeds:

Just wanted to share our story of our iKettle. My husband is into gadgets and when he suggested purchasing the iKettle I thought it may have been another gimmick! However, I was very wrong! The kettle has made such a difference to our lives. We purchased it shortly after the birth of our daughter and it made so much difference to set it up to boil during the night for night feeds – it really made a difference to our sleep! It’s functionality is brilliant for busy lives especially the ability to boil at certain times or upon returning from work! We also found that when our hands were full with a new baby sleeping on us it was great to use the phone to pop the kettle on without having to disturb the baby. It is an invaluable product!

If you have been inspired to share your Smarter story with us, leave us a comment below!

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Smarter Customer Stories
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