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Smarter gets big thumbs up from US

By November 14, 2017 Product News No Comments
Best Buy

It’s official Americans love the iKettle!

Smarter celebrated launching the iKettle and Smarter Coffee into Best Buy across North America in early October.

Both award-winning products received glowing praise from eager US customers as garnering positive national press coverage since going on sale in store and on bestbuy.com

First-hand accounts from US media outlets including Digital Trends, CBS, Men’s Journal, Huffington Post, Android Headlines who have all been left gobsmacked at the level of control and the quality of design shown in the new Smarter range.

Smarter iKettle was featured on CBS Morning Show earlier this month.

‘Smarter makes a rather fantastic coffee maker here, one that easily integrates with any smart home solution you might have, either via native Alexa skills or IFTTT’s extensive recipe list. The unit itself is designed rather well, featuring built-in bean grinder, permanent washable filter, and easy buttons and a display for basic use without needing a smartphone.’ – Nick Sutrich, Android Headlines


Smarter Coffee is Faveable’s 2017 choice for ‘BEST SMART WIFI COFFEE MAKERS’

The iKettle is the perfect ‘formula’ for parents.

North American customers who have been waiting patiently for the Smarter products to finally arrive have also been expressed their satisfied with the latest Smarter editions.

‘Great design and great tech combined, simple set-up and I love the wake-up mode. Very happy with the new addition to my kitchen, such an upgrade.’

‘I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to control my coffee settings all from my smartphone app. The coffee tastes great and the features work perfectly. I will be getting Google Home next so I can link it to my Smarter Coffee.’

‘Purchased the Smarter Coffee machine and it’s such a fantastic product. Incredibly easy using the app to brew my coffee with set alarms. Would recommend to anyone!’

Another defining factor of the new Smarter range has been the ability to voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, a completely new function not found in any other beverage maker on the market.

This delivers a brand new way of controlling your iKettle or Smarter Coffee for those of us too lazy to use an app.

For those who may be getting an Amazon Echo or Google Home this Christmas, it might be worth considering adding to the wish list.

‘Alexa, turn the kettle on.’

Being IFTTT (If This Than That) compatible as well gives unprecedented access to other commonly used smart devices that can sync with the new Smarter range.

IFTTT has such a wide range of supported products, and some pre-made recipe Applets by Smarter, perfect for those interested in smart home automation.

For those in the US, the latest Smarter range is available to buy in-store or online at www.bestbuy.com

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Smarter gets big thumbs up from US
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