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SmarterAssist | Your fridge just became Smarter

Start a Smarter revolution in your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, why can’t it be the brains too? Now it can be, enter SmarterAssist, the new groundbreaking FridgeCam feature. 

At Smarter, we’re all about making your kitchen a better place, and your fridge is where it all starts. Half the time most of us don’t even know what’s in our fridge, so we struggle to plan meals or reduce waste, and the other half we spend realising we’ve just bought something at the shops that we already have in, but with the help of FridgeCam this is no longer a problem. FridgeCam allows you to see the contents of your fridge from anywhere via the Smarter app it’s the world’s first wireless fridge camera that can transform any fridge into a Smart fridge. But now it’s not just a smart camera, with SmarterAssist you can do so much more! But what’s the new SmarterAssist feature you ask? Let us tell you!

What is it ?

SmarterAssist is the stepping stone for the FridgeCam to become fully automated. Now with Smarter assist when popping food items into your fridge you just need to scan the product once and its tracked forever, sit back and let the AI do the rest. 

SmarterAssist Features:

– Select the items in your fridge inventory that you want to track with the latest in AI. FridgeCam will recognise them when they are in view and let you know when you’ve run out. 

– Search & Learn: If your tracked items are not immediately recognised and tracked, the data will then be processed in the cloud via SmarterAssist to track the item, verify and improve its accuracy. 

– Inventory Management: Once your items have been located, SmarterAssist will then automatically update your inventory, shopping list and notify you when it’s up to date based on what’s in your fridge.

But wait there’s more…

FridgeCam integrates with other smart home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and IFTTT, so you can ask Alexa, “what’s in my fridge?” and she’ll tell you! 

Also why not connect your FridgeCam to your Amazon fresh or tesco account. FridgeCam will add expired or used fridge items to your personal shopping list ready for your next shop. With Amazon Fresh’s speedy delivery you could even get your groceries within the hour, allowing you to always stay one step ahead.

Everything we’ve already told you about the Smarter FridgeCam boils down to this: it makes life easier. No more random trips to the supermarket because you “might need eggs”. No more wondering when the milk will go off and you’ll have to forgot that cup of tea and biscuit. You’ll save time and money and be able to plan ahead for buying food.

If you already own a FridgeCam make sure you update your app to the latest version so you can have access to the new and exciting Smarter Assist. However if you are interested in finding out more about FridgeCam check out our store.

Live Smarter with FridgeCam

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SmarterAssist | Your fridge just became Smarter
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