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Andreas Lane, Smarter’s Chief Development Officer, gives an overview of his experience with FridgeCam.

Smarter's CDO, Andreas Lane shares his experience with FridgeCam

Everything we design, develop and create, we do so with the intention that a consumer will use that product or service in their daily lives and must integrate seamlessly into their routines. Personally using the iKettle, Smarter Coffee and the latest addition ‘FridgeCam’ at home, not only now but throughout early and late-stage development, allowing me to see the products through the eyes of a consumer and ensuring that what we are creating is actually useful and has been thoughtfully designed. My vision for Smarter is to create beautifully designed products and software that’s intuitive, easy to use and becomes a part of your daily use without thinking about them, so if I created products that I wouldn’t use and benefit from myself, I wouldn’t expect others to either. One of the most convenient ways that I interact with our products is via services and automation – and although this is a scary thought to some, learning to trust technology changes the way that you use it, allowing you to start seeing the benefits. 

I use the smarter app every day to a point where it has become second nature to look at the app in the home and on the go instead of opening the fridge, especially in scenarios where you don’t necessarily know what you want from the fridge first. I have been designing, developing and working out how FridgeCam will work for the last few years and all of our products are born from a specific need to make products that work for you as a consumer and is actually useful and it does that and more. In addition to that, it has environmental benefits for reducing food waste by only purchasing and consuming what we need.

FridgeCam becomes a part of your kitchen and very quickly integrates seamlessly into your everyday life, by simply opening the app, whether it’s from the living room or from the supermarket, which I personally do constantly. In my household, I very quickly realised not only how much money I could save by managing my inventory within the app and what I purchase, but actually how many times a day we really interact with our fridge, including our overall kitchen habits. So much power and energy is wasted opening and closing the door countless times a day and actually not even getting anything out when you realise you don’t have what you were looking for. FridgeCam in that sense is a game changer in its simplest form, by simply checking what you have in the fridge remotely before you open the door and let cold air out and warm air in, costing money and unknowingly spoiling food. 

We interact with products every day without even thinking about it – everywhere I go, every product I see, read about and use is an inspiration for inventing new ideas and creating amazing products. There is no limit to what can provide inspiration around us, that fuel the ideas we create.

FridgeCam, alongside the growing smarter platform, will revolutionise the way we purchase and consume goods in the kitchen. This isn’t just about having a camera in your fridge to see what’s inside, but the possibilities that it creates and the benefits it can have for the consumer and the industry.  Our vision is to create a platform and service to consumers that will automatically know what you have, what you need and when you need it. Then taking it one step further to tell you what you can cook, where to buy it from and have it delivered to your door before you even realise you had run out and needed it. Over time and use, FridgeCam will become smarter with its artificial intelligence and will enable services to automatically help manage your lifestyle in various ways, whether it’s cost saving or a healthier lifestyle.

Andreas Lane, Smarter’s Chief Development Officer, gives an overview of his experience with FridgeCam.
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