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Support FAQs for the Wi-Fi connected coffee machine with the built-in grind and brew system.

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I cannot connect to the Smarter Coffee machine?

In case you are having issues connecting to your Smarter Coffee machine, please try the steps below to perform a full reset on the product.

A couple of things to bear in mind before completing a full reset are that you must be connecting to a 2.4GHz router and the setup of the Smarter Coffee machine must be performed next to your router (it can then be moved after the set up).

The steps are as follows, please follow them in the proceeding order:

1) Reset the coffee machine. You can do this by pressing and holding the Start (top left) button for 10 seconds until the message 'Wi-Fi reset' appears on the screen.
2) Unplug the coffee machine, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in.
3) Delete and re-install the app from your device.
4) Make sure your device is connected to your home network under settings and Wi-Fi. You will see an (i) in a small blue circle on the right hand side of your home network and a blue tick on the left. Click on this and then click on 'Forget this Network'. This will allow your device to make a fresh connection and you can then re-select your router and re-enter your password when prompted.
5) Turn your Wi-Fi off for a few seconds and then on again to refresh the connection.
6) Open the Smarter app and follow the instructions.

We have found that following these steps fixes most connectivity issues. Please get in touch with us if you are still having problems connecting to the Smarter Coffee machine.

How do I reset the settings on my Smarter Coffee machine?

To reset the default settings on the Smarter Coffee machine, please press and hold the 'Start' button for 5 seconds until you hear two beeps and the message ‘reset’ appears on the screen.

To reset the Wi-Fi on the Smarter Coffee machine, please press and hold the 'Start' button base for 10 seconds until you hear three beeps. Please note that resetting the Wi-Fi will disconnect the product from your home network.

I have reset the Smarter Coffee machine but I still can’t see the Smarter Coffee network?

Turn your Wi-Fi off then on and wait for Smarter Coffee network to appear. Do this twice and if the Smarter Coffee network still doesn’t appear hard reset the Smarter Coffee Machine again. If this doesn’t work there may be interference from something in your home or office. Try relocating the machine for the set-up to another area, closer to your router.

Why do I need to be on the home network to set up my Smarter Coffee machine?

This process allows your Smarter Coffee machine to have a more stable connection and ensures that you can use the internet at home as well as your Smarter Coffee machine. You won’t need to switch between the two as you would on some wireless printers for example. The Smarter Coffee Machine is allocated a spot on your router where it will stay connected. By entering your home network name and password you are giving permission for your router to allow the Smarter Coffee Machine to connect.

The Smarter Coffee network isn’t showing on my list of possible Wi-Fi connections?

Make sure that you are near your Smarter Coffee Machine when searching for connection. If you still cannot see the Smarter Coffee network try refreshing your Wi-Fi by turning it off and then on in your device settings.
You can also try hard resetting the Smarter Coffee Machine by holding down the top left button for 10 seconds until the message ‘Wi-Fi reset’ appears. Then switch off at the mains, unplug and then plug in and switch back on.

I’ve entered my Wi-Fi password incorrectly in the Smarter app set up process.

The Smarter app will fail any set up where an incorrect password has been entered. You will be shown an error message that allows you to start the set up process again. Choose that option to start the process again, ensuring you enter the password carefully.

How do I connect another smart device to the Smarter Coffee machine?

You can connect multiple devices to one Smarter Coffee Machine by downloading the app on the new device and choosing 'existing set up'. You will then be able to connect to the already set up Smarter Coffee machine automatically.

I am not getting my alarm or Smarter Coffee brewed notifications (iOS devices).

Please go to settings, then notification centre and locate the Smarter app in the list. Once in, change the ‘Alert Style’ to ‘Alerts’ which is the 3rd picture along. Make sure that all the switches below are on green. You will then receive all notifications for the Smarter devices. If the Smarter app does not appear in the notification centre list you will need to turn your device off then on and follow the instructions above.

How do I set up my alarm in iOS?

Open the Smarter app, select the settings in the top right hand corner and click on 'Wake up' mode.
Click 'Add alarm', select your preferred alarm time and sound options and click save.
Once your alarm has triggered, click the push notification or swipe the screen to prompt the Smarter Coffee machine to start brewing.
If the app does not trigger your Smarter Coffee alarm then make sure you have adjusted your push notifications in your application settings. Simply go into your iPhone settings, go to notification centre, select the Smarter app and click on the alerts button. Please also ensure that all the push buttons are on below. If you do not see the Smarter app then restart your iPhone and try again.

How to download the Smarter 2.0 app for iOS

Simply click on the app store icon on your iPhone/tablet. Search for Smarter and download the app. Once downloaded, you will find the app in your applications list.


I can’t turn off 'One-Cup' mode

Please try enabling carafe detection and disabling it again. This will stop 'One-Cup' mode from turning itself on.

My set up on Android has failed, what do I do?

If you get a failed set up screen… don’t worry. Simply reset your Smarter Coffee machine by holding down the top left button for 10 seconds until the message ‘Wi-Fi reset’ shows up on the coffee machine screen, then unplug and re-plug in your Smarter Coffee machine.
Press the next button and repeat the set up process but this time, try the following:
Set up closer to your home network.
Ensure you have entered the correct password (as an incorrect password will prevent the set-up from working).

In case you are still having issues connecting to your product via an Android app please get in touch with us. We are currently working on an update to improve connectivity with Android devices and we will gladly give you an update on progress.

My Android device keeps connecting to the wrong home network.

If your device keeps connecting to the wrong home network then you can easily remedy this by going into your settings, selecting Wi-Fi settings, clicking your desired network and pressing the ‘forget’ button.
This will prevent the app from connecting to the wrong network.

What features are available on the Android app?

Once your Smarter Coffee machine is up and running you will have access to the control panel. Here you can select your desired coffee strength, number of cups, keep warm mode, grind or filter coffee. You can also check the water level of your Smarter Coffee machine.

How do I download the Android Smarter app?

Simply click on the google store icon via your Android device. Search for Smarter 2.0 and download the Smarter app. Once downloaded, you will find the app in your applications list.

Can I use the Smarter Coffee machine with IFTTT or HomeKit?

Our products are currently not IFTTT or HomeKit compatible, but this is something we will be looking to integrate in the future.

The screen on the panel is blank?

If the screen on your coffee machine is completely blank and not responsive it might have become stuck in the middle of a firmware update. Please do not delete the app but try the steps below to manually update the Smarter Coffee machine.

I can only see the Smarter Coffee Update Network?

If you can only find the Smarter Coffee Update network and the screen on your coffee machine displays the message ‘update’, this means your coffee machine is in Update mode. Follow the instructions below to manually update the Smarter Coffee machine.

My machine is stuck in update mode?

In case your Smarter Coffee machine has become stuck while updating, please follow the steps below to manually perform the firmware update.

- Turn product off at the wall.
- Press and hold the 2 left buttons on the control panel.
- Turn the power on at the wall and keep holding the two buttons for 10 seconds.
- The "Update" screen should then appear. (Check this has appeared on the screen, good news if it has!)
- Connect to the "Update" network and wait for it to connect. (Check that the signal bars at the top of the iPhone screen are there, this can take up to 55 seconds)
- Open the Smarter app
- Select "update" firmware either via the 'pop-up' or from the 'About' page
- Select 'next', it will take you to the page where it tells you to connect to update network.
- Close and open the app ONCE.
- Press next
- It should update...
- Once it reaches 100%, the coffee machine screen will say "Loading" while it reboots.


What happens if the Smarter Coffee machine has no water?

If your Smarter Coffee Machine has no water inside, don’t panic, it will not work and you will get a notification via your app. Just remember to re-fill it once you have finished brewing!

I am getting a ‘No Carafe’ message, but the carafe is in its place. What do I do?

Please remove the carafe, press the open button to access the coffee filter and take out the filter holder, re-adjust it, clean any coffee grinds that are stuck to the top of the filter, close the panel and place the carafe back underneath the coffee machine.

I have forgotten to put the carafe back in its place, will the machine still continue to brew?

You will receive a ‘Carafe is not detected’ or ‘Carafe not present’ message on the Smarter app. The Smarter Coffee machine will not brew your coffee until the carafe is in place.

How much water can the Smarter Coffee Machine hold?

The Smarter Coffee Machine water tank holds a maximum of 12 cups of water.

How many cups of coffee can the beans in the machine make?

The amount of coffee beans used per cup depends on the strength you have selected.

What does twisting the knob on top of the machine do?

The knob on the top of the machine lets you adjust the coarseness of the coffee grind. The finer the beans are ground, the smoother the coffee.

What kind of coffee machine is this?

The Smarter Coffee Machine is a Grind and Brew machine.

How do I remove/change the removable colour panels?

To remove or change the colour panels please use the following instructions:
Press the release buttons: Press the two push buttons beneath the lower panel to release.
Remove the lower panel: Once the release buttons are pressed, the panel will unclip and can be removed.
Open the filter door: Open the filter door by pressing the OPEN button on the side of the machine. Then remove the filter and filter holder for easy access to the upper panel release buttons.
Press the release buttons: Press the two push buttons beneath the upper panel to release. These are located on the far sides of the panel. The panel will then unclip and can be removed.
Remove the upper panel: Once the release buttons are pressed, the panel will unclip and can be removed.
Replacing the panels: Ensure the replacement panels are the correct way up and push securely into place until you hear a click.

How often do I have to descale my machine?

We suggest you descale your coffee machine regularly depending on how often you use it and the lime content of the water in the area you live in.

The water temperature of the coffee is too cold?

Please ensure that the keep warm plate is turned on, this makes a big difference in the temperature of the coffee.

Coffee strength is too weak?

If you are finding that the coffee is too weak please make sure that you are using the ‘strong’ setting on the coffee machine (three beans on the app). Please also make sure that the grind adjustment knob on the top of the machine is turned clockwise. This will produce a finer grind and a smoother taste. For a stronger brew we also recommend using a darker coffee roast and experimenting with different bean blends.

I’ve broken my carafe/filter, can I get a replacement?

We currently do not have any replacement parts for the Smarter Coffee machine, but they will be available very soon.

Can I purchase spare parts?

You will be able to purchase spare parts for your Smarter Coffee machine very soon.

Are there any other colour panels available?

At present the machine comes with three different colour panels: black, red and cream.

The coffee machine has stopped grinding.

Please make sure that the coffee machine is set to the ‘beans’ setting, and not the ‘filter’ setting.

The knob at the top of the machine is not turning.

Sometimes the grinder adjustment knob can get stuck because of a coffee bean. Please try turning it while the machine is grinding.

The Water level is saying ‘low water’ ‘empty’ but there is water in the tank

The water level reading on the Smarter Coffee machine is a guide to how much water is in the coffee machine. The Smarter app would show Low for 1-4 cups, Half for 4-8 cups and Full for 8-12 cups.

How big is a cup size?

One cup is 120ml.

The keep warm plate is not coming on?

If you are using an iOS device, please go to the Features page in the Smarter app, select Product defaults and select your desired Keep Warm Time. Please make sure you are saving the settings by pressing ‘Set user defaults’.

Can I purchase one of your products for use in North America?

We will be launching our products in North America later this year. This is when you will be able to purchase a coffee machine or kettle that is compatible with North American voltage.

My Smarter Coffee machine is faulty, what shall I do?

In case you believe you have received a faulty unit, please get in touch with your retailer to get your coffee machine replaced as soon as possible. In case your coffee machine has developed a fault outside your retailer’s returns policy, please get in touch with us. As per the terms of our warranty we would be more than happy to repair or exchange any product that has developed a fault.

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