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Smarter app.

The new iKettle 2.0 and Smarter Coffee is compatible with the new ‘Smarter 2.0’ app which can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

The original iKettle requires the ‘Smarter Appliances’ app. Find out more information below.

What App do I use for my iKettle and Smarter Coffee machine?

For use with iKettle 1.0 please use the following app:
iOS – click here
Android – click here

For use with iKettle 2.0 and Smarter Coffee please use the following app
iOS - click here
Android - click here

I cannot connect my product to the app?

Please make sure that you are connecting to a 2.4GHz router and the set-up of your Smarter product must be performed next to your router (it can then be moved after the set up). If you are still having issues connecting, please try performing a full reset on your product. You can find the steps to this in each product’s FAQ page.

Why do I need to be on the home network to set up my product?

This process allows your Smarter products to have a more stable connection and ensures that you can use the internet at home as well as your product. You won’t need to switch between the two as you would on some wireless printers for example. The Smarter products are allocated a spot on your router where they will stay connected. By entering your home network name and password you are giving permission for your router to allow the Smarter products to connect.

The app can’t find my home network during the set-up process, what do I do?

Try moving your Smarter product closer to the router, as it is the kettle/coffee machine that is searching for your router and not your smartphone. The Smartphone is just displaying what the kettle or coffee machine can see. Try pressing the refresh button each time until your router appears. Check your Smartphone Wi-Fi settings to ensure that other products can see your home Wi-Fi network.

I’ve entered my Wi-Fi password wrong in the Smarter app set up process.

The Smarter app will fail any set-up where an incorrect password has been entered. You will be shown an error message that allows you to start the set up process again. Choose that option start the process again, ensuring that you enter the password carefully! Passwords are case sensitive so ensure you copy it as it shows on your router.

The iKettle/Smarter Coffee network isn’t showing on my list of possible Wi-Fi connections?

Make sure that you are near your Smarter product when searching for connection. If you still cannot see the iKettle or Smarter Coffee network try refreshing your Wi-Fi by turning it off and then on in your device settings.

How do I connect another smartphone or tablet to my Smarter product?

You can connect multiple devices to your Smarter product by downloading the app on the new device and choose the existing set up option during the setup. Make sure that your smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi network with which you originally set up the Smarter product. You will then be able to connect to the Smarter product automatically in one simple step.

Can I unplug my Smarter product or turn it off at the wall, and will it reconnect automatically?

Yes you can. If the power source is cut off, it will shut down the product and its Wi-Fi connection. By plugging the product back into the power source, it will attempt to reconnect to the network. This can take up to 55 seconds but usually quicker.

I am not receiving notifications on my iOS device.

Please check the settings on your iOS device. Please go into Settings -> Notifications -> Smarter App -> Alert styles when unlocked should be set to Alerts.

Smarter Coffee

The WiFi connected coffee machine with the built in grind and brew system.

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iKettle 2.0

If you have our latest product, feel free to take a look at our support page here.

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iKettle 1.0

Click here for support with the original iKettle, we have lots of FAQ’s to help.

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The app

If your having technical trouble or need help setting up, let us know and click here.

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