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Your day, the Smarter Way

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Picture the scene, it’s Monday, it’s winter, it’s cold, it’s dark, and it’s time to get up for work, not that appealing is it? Luckily for you, it’s also 2019 and your smart home system has your back.

The fitness tracker on your wrist sends an alert to your smart lights, your thermostat, and your radio to let them know it’s time to kick into action as your day has begun.

Instead of waking up in a dark room your smart light slowly fills it with a morning glow; your thermostat warms the room to a temperature that ‘almost’ makes getting out of bed enjoyable, and your radio switches to your favorite station giving you that much needed 6am mood boost. Still groggy, you follow the scent of freshly brewed coffee down the stairs and into the kitchen. You thank your Smarter coffee machine as you pour yourself a large mug of coffee.

As per usual you get a little bit lost in the morning news and next thing you know it’s 7.30am so you make a mad dash to the train station to begin your commute. As you settle into your seat you remember you left the kitchen lights on, a quick flick of your smartwatch solves that issue.

You settle into an episode of your favorite Netflix show as the city passes by the train windows, comfortable in the knowledge that your smart home security system will be keeping an eye on your home whilst you’re out and about for the day.

Fast forward through the work day and you’re just about to jump on the train home, when you get a notification from your FridgeCam to let you know you are running low on milk, your Smarter app directs you to the nearest supermarket. Taking a look at the latest image of your Fridge contents you realise you ‘almost’ have all the ingredients you would need to make fajitas, so you pop to the cheese aisle to grab the finishing touches.

As you reach the front door of your home, cheese and milk in hand, your smart lock recognises your face, deactivates your security system, and lets you straight through (no need to drop the groceries and fumble around in your bag for your keys). Once in you hear the familiar beep of your iKettle letting you know it has finished boiling. You pop the groceries away, tell Alexa to dim the lights and settle down on the sofa with a nice cup of tea. Suddenly Monday’s don’t seem all that bad.

Smart home systems have come a long way towards making your life that little bit easier over recent years. Start and end your day the Smarter way by heading over to https://smarter.am/ to see how our smart appliances could work for you.

Your day, the Smarter Way
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