The next generation.

Introducing the all-new iKettle – 3rd Generation, packed with innovative features to seriously ramp up your daily routine!

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Remote boil from anywhere.

Use the Smarter app to control your iKettle from wherever you are.

Available on iOS and Android.

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Simple connection.

The new generation brings revolutionary secure setup in seconds with BlinkUp™ technology.

More features. Less fuss.

The third edition of the iKettle now lets you
Integrate, Replenish and Keep Warm for longer.

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Select your setting.

The latest iKettle has your favoured features ready with Home, Formula and Wake Up mode, allowing  you to set alarms and notifications via the Smarter app.

Elegant design.

Simple, sleek design created to be the perfect kitchen companion in the modern home.

Available now.

Purchase the iKettle – 3rd Generation from our store today and connect to your smartphone – whenever, wherever!

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‘Ok Google, turn on the kettle’

Connect your iKettle to your favourite Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled devices, or use our IFTTT services to connect to other smart home products.