Smarter FridgeCam - Smart Fridge Camera with Wi-Fi & Voice Activated


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FridgeCam is our money-saving solution suitable that turns any fridge into a smart fridge. It’s a powerful tool for your shopping list, helping you to avoid double-up groceries. FridgeCam does all the work for you, switching from inventory to the shopping list items that you run out of. Integrate with Amazon Fresh or Tesco for one-click checkouts.

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FridgeCam has been designed to save households up to £700 per year by eliminating food waste. With FridgeCam you know what you have in, even when you're out.

Using the Smarter App you can keep track of your inventory, track expiry dates, and stay on top of your grocery shop through Tesco and Amazon Fresh integrations.

Alexa, turn on the coffee machine' – now you can control our entire range of products using the power of your voice. 

All of our smart products can be integrated with a range of third-party products such as Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri-enabled devices and IFTTT.

Download  Smarter app from Google Play or App Store.

Compatibility: iOS & Android
Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n
Security: WPA/WPA2
Capacity: 1800mAH
Power: 5V 2A
Rechargeable: micro USB
Requires: 2.4ghz Router frequency
Connectivity: Cloud Connected


Comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty 

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What is FridgeCam?

FridgeCam is our answer to a smart fridge; a compact and zero-fuss device that can transform any standard, no-frills fridge into a money and time saving, waste-busting powerhouse. How many times have you forgotten to write a shopping list and found yourself wandering around the supermarket throwing products into your basket only to find you already have them at home? The FridgeCam solves this problem with the Smarter App.

Automated shopping with Tesco and Amazon Fresh.

SmarterAssist will track scanned products and automatically update your Tesco or Amazon Fresh shopping basket.

Connect to Alexa and Siri.

By asking Alexa and Siri, you can find out what's in your fridge, add items to your shopping list and know what's about to expire.

Always know what's in your fridge.

Using the Smarter app, you can peek inside your fridge from anywhere. Simply open the app to view the latest snapshot of your fridge's shelves for a current view of what's in, what's not and what's going off.

How much food do you waste?

The average household wastes up to £700 per year needlessly throwing away expired food. Over 10 years, that's £7,000 per household, think about what you could do with that extra income. Turn your fridge into a smart fridge with a Smarter FridgeCam