2021’s top kitchen design trends

Throughout 2020, we spent an awful lot more time at home than we (most likely) had previously intended to. So in 2021, we’re more than ready for a trendy home design revamp.
Lockdown has meant that we have all spent the bulk of our days at home, entertaining ourselves in our living room and dining in our kitchen. As a result, it’s fair to say that we’ve accumulated a fair few ideas about how we can up-style our home.

Possibly more so than ever before, this investment of time and money is a worthwhile one. After all, we want these spaces to be places that we are proud of, that we enjoy spending our time in. We know that we’ve still got a fair few weeks of homeworking left this year, but even after lockdown lifts for good, the experience has made us value a day at home an awful lot more than we did before.

When considering your home interiors, the kitchen is a great place to start. It’s often the long-neglected room of the house, simply because it’s hard for many of us to follow where the current modern, minimalist and technological styles are going.

Kitchen design trends are all about creating a chic, sleek environment, without leaving the room feeling cold or un-lived in. Sounds tricky, right? Luckily, we’ve got design tips straight from the pro’s, so you don’t have to start tearing your hair out over tiling.

So, now that it’s 2021, we’re ready and raring to put those long-awaited kitchen renovation ambitions into action. With a new year comes a new surge in ambitious home transformation projects. Only this year, we’ve got far more time to actually get them finished.

To help you turn these stylish fantasies into a reality, this blog post is dedicated to outlining our five top kitchen trends of 2021.

In this blog, we’ll be taking you through the following crazes that we predict will take off in 2021:

  1. Clever and compact design
  2. Sleek finishes
  3. Bespoke furniture
  4. Downdraft extractors
  5. Captivating tile layouts
  6. The iKettle Monochrome

We adore these affordable ways to make a statement with your home aesthetic. Plus, they’re easy to add on, and give you plenty of scope for personalisation, if you have a few ideas of your own.

So, without further gushing about our love of kitchenware, let’s begin.

1. Clever, spacious design

When it comes to kitchens, less is more. Busy countertops that are piled high with bits and bobs isn’t the aesthetic that we’re aiming for in 2021. Thankfully, there are a wide range of innovative storage solutions out there to help keep your kitchen uncluttered.

What’s hot in kitchen’s this year is kitchens that give the illusion of being super spacious, without forcing users to forsake any of the practicality. Your kitchen should feel clean, airy and as though everything fits in easily. But, the help of designer compact cupboards and drawers have been enlisted to fit all of your essentials in the space (no matter how large or small it may be) far more intuitively.

2. Sleek and clean

The finishes - whether it be countertops, cupboards or utilities - should be neat and modern. This sleek style is very characteristic of ‘20, and we can certainly expect it to be a core part of 2021’s kitchen fashions, too.

We adore the use of sharp lines and utilities which sit alongside each other in a clean, un-busy fashion.

3. Bespoke furnishings

Not only does this give you the opportunity to style your home in exactly the way you like, but it is also a great option in terms of practicality.

You can create furniture which is specially designed to fit in your home. This gives you a great opportunity to make the most out of a small area of space, or transform little nooks and crannies into useful storage areas.

It is also a chance for you to add a special focal point to your kitchen, which makes the room design entirely unique to you.

4. Down-draft extractors

Typical, old-school extractor fans are noisy, bulky and very unattractive. Now, thankfully, these devices have had a considerable makeover ready for 2021.

You can buy a down-draft extractor which is just as good as eliminating cooking odours and preventing the build-up of moisture in the air, but is designed to be far less obstructive. These can be installed alongside your hob, in a flat plane which sits within your countertop.

This is far more stylish and subtle than an overhead extractor fan.

5. Intricate tile layouts

An intricate tile layout provides a rather mesmerising feature piece, which brilliantly compliments the modernity of your devices.

You can choose from an abundance of tile layout options, which come in a huge variety of colours, shapes and networks of patterns. They are a stunning, affordable and still very modern way to incorporate some personality into your kitchen aesthetic.

You could opt to install your tiles on the floor, or even as a feature piece on an area of the wall (for example, just above your hob).

6. Extra - the iKettle Monochrome

The final touch to completing your brand new, stylish kitchen is our intuitive piece of kitchen technology. The iKettle is a perfect addition to any modern kitchen, and its chic, minimalist design will enable it to blend perfectly well with the upgraded 2021 aesthetic that you have established.

The iKettle operates through the Smarter phone app. Users can boil the kettle to the exact temperature that they desire simply by tapping a few options on the app. Alternatively, if you want to create an even more modern home brew experience, you can connect your smart kettle up to your home voice activation devices. Then, all you need to do is ask Siri, Google or Alexa if they can boil the kettle up for you. It’s as simple as that.

What’s more, the iKettle now comes in a new monochrome range of styles, which are available to pre-order now. Have a browse through the Smarter online store to find out more, or to purchase one for your home.

We reckon it makes a gorgeous finishing touch to round off your luxe new kitchen.

Written by Josephine Walbank