The iKettle is now available in the USA

We are delighted to announce that our very own iKettle Original is now available to customers in the US.

It’s official - American shoppers can now purchase the best smart kettle on the market from the Smarter online store, and we’ll have it shipped to their homes.

Across the UK and Europe, our iKettle has provided forward-thinking homeowners with complete flexibility for their home brews. At Smarter, we pride ourselves on developing intuitive kitchen technology which makes the daily lives of our customers easier and more enjoyable. For us, the iKettle is the very embodiment of this goal.

The iKettle is a kettle with WiFi, which you can control from your phone. By installing the (free) Smarter app, you can programme the kettle to boil with just a few taps. You don’t even need to be in the room for it - you could still be in bed, and then have the iKettle freshly boiled for your morning cup of coffee (while successfully securing yourself a few extra minutes of lie-in time).


Smarter App - Home mode
This great benefit is called wake-up mode. What’s great about the iKettle’s wake-up mode is that it’s not just a feature which adds a bit of luxury to lazy weekends in bed. This particular feature is ideal for busy workers, who are always in a rush getting ready during the morning routine.

If you’re committed to an early start on your weekdays, you know just how precious an extra five minutes is in a morning. They can make a difference between being on-time and missing your train. Plus, we think a morning coffee is essential for an enjoyable day.

iKettle Original - IFFFT, Alexa, Google Home and Siri
Or, if you want to take your kitchen technology up yet another level, you can connect your iKettle with your home’s voice activation devices. The iKettle can be integrated with Google Home, Alexa or Siri shortcuts. Then, you will have your own voice controlled kettle. This means that, whenever you want your kettle to boil, all you need to do is ask. By saying, for example, ‘Alexa, boil the kettle to 180ºF’, your kettle will get to work without you having to lift a finger.

The iKettle operates by receiving its commands from the app. As a result, it is designed to be completely adaptable. Every element of the kettle’s capabilities have been rendered flexible, and are entirely up to you to decide upon.

So, this means that you can decide how much water you need to be heated, what temperature you want it to be heated to, and when you want your hot water to be ready. All via the Smarter app.

Another one of the iKettle’s most intuitive features is its formula mode. This makes it the perfect at-home helper if you have a new baby. With formula mode, you can have the hot water ready for your baby’s bottle quickly, and set to the right temperature. This means that your nighttime feeds will be an awful lot less tiring and time-consuming.

The iKettle is also a very handy gadget to have on hand if you are a keen home cook. When you are working on a complex recipe that requires hot water, the iKettle effectively takes one job off the to-do list. While you are focusing on another element of your dish, you can get the iKettle to boil the water ready for you. This impressive tool is sure to transform your kitchen operations.

The device’s temperature control capabilities means that you can boil your water to a temperature which best suits your beverage of choice. For example, if you’re brewing some green tea, these leaves can turn bitter and unpleasant if you use water that is too hot. So, you can programme the iKettle to heat the water to 180ºF and create a cup of herbal tea that tastes wonderful.

Our iKettle is designed to make a sleek and stylish addition to your kitchen. It is available in the original stainless steel colour, which is designed to fit in seamlessly with your home’s existing aesthetic.

If you’re sold on the perks that this brilliant device can bring to your home, don’t hesitate - American customers can now purchase the iKettle Original on our website. What’s more, order now and you can enjoy free delivery to the US!

Written by Josephine Walbank