Stock Keeper Kit


With two FridgeCams, you can manage both your fridge and food cupboards, all through your phone.

This kit will transform your organisation skills, whilst allowing you to create your own smart kitchen.

Through the Smarter app, you’ll receive an image every time you close your fridge or your cupboard door. This means you'll always know what you have in, even when you're out. And that's not all, the FridgeCam will help you keep your fridge and cupboards organised, track your expiry dates and even automate your shopping lists for a one-click checkout with Tesco and Amazon, smart right? You’ll be amazed by how easily FridgeCam will fit in your lifestyle.

Easily integrate with Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Nest Home and IFTTT, to take your Smart Home to the next level.

Included: Two Smarter FridgeCams