Smarter goes to IFA 2019; launching a new innovative IoT platform and partners with AEG/Electrolux

We are excited to be at IFA Berlin for the sixth year in a row! The annual trade show is a global innovation hub bringing together industry professionals, start-ups and retailers for a dynamic transfer of knowledge, information and business ideas.

Our 2019 show focuses on the launch of Powered by Smarter- An end-to-end IoT platform for appliance makers. Powered by Smarter™ is the platform behind Smarter’s consumer product range and is now open to partners and OEM’s powering your next connected device.

We created Smarter to bring connectivity to the kitchen, harnessing the latest technology to bring stylish and easy to use products linked to Apple and Android devices through our Smarter app. As connectivity in the home expands we have integrated with Alexa, Google, IFTTT and recently Siri, adding versatility to our lines, continuing our ‘smart evolution’.

We continue to innovate with the groundbreaking FridgeCam by Smarter; whose simple plug and play setup and artificial intelligence through SmarterAssist give a personalised view inside any fridge for a fraction of the cost of an inbuilt device. The app provides a detailed inventory of fridge contents, best before tracker, shopping lists and automated link to online shopping such as Amazon Fresh. The FridgeCam by Smarter brings lifestyle, health and sustainability choices from the insight provided on products and their freshness, enabling real savings and reduction in food waste. It has huge potential to add fun and variety to our lives; just ask Alexa or Siri “what’s in your fridge?” and see where it takes you.

We are also pleased to announce our partnership with AEG/Electrolux for the new FridgeCam PLUS Powered by Smarter.“AEG/Electrolux is a brand that aims to ‘shape living for the better’ which synergises with our ideal to revolutionise the way we live and create a better-connected life through smart technology.” says Isabella Lane, Managing Director of Smarter.

We are excited about what the show has to hold, please keep an eye on our social media for Smarter IFA updates and insights on new and upcoming products!