Stay connected with your kitchen and live Smarter

The kitchen is no longer a place of mundane chores, it is the centre of your home. So it makes perfect sense to have complete control at the glance of your phone from anywhere in the world. We combine the latest home innovation with real life necessity, creating a connected kitchen that works for you.

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Working together, in harmony

Our products work together, for you. Through one app you can select whether you want tea or coffee, for how many people and at what strength. Great for being super productive or for getting everyone connected via the app for those lazy Sunday afternoons with the family.

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Wake up and smell the coffee

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The all new iKettle 2.0

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"@wifikettle thanks for your rapid and as ever, brilliant customer support - proud owner of kettle 2.0 Thank you :)"

− David Gaine ‏@ddgaine Feb 10

"To celebrate paying my tax bill, I treated us to a @Smarter_AM Coffee machine. Tried it when reviewing for @alphr, and we’re hooked."

− Christopher Phin‏ @chrisphin

"Always excited to try new @wifikettle products. The new wifi kettle 2.0 has come on leaps and bounds since 1.0!"

− The Baker ‏@BakingBar Jan 18

"One of the pleasures of the weekend, and I know this is sad, is the amount I get to use my ikettle 2.0 loads!! @Smarter_AM @wifikettle"

− Frazer ‏@Frazer1979 Jan 23

"@Smarter_AM Love seeing all the new stuff you're bringing out guys! Keep up the amazing work! :)"

− Jack ‏@JackRmartin94 Feb 8

"Boiling the kettle from my bed when I'm sick is great @Smarter_AM but can I get someone to make the drink and bring it to me now please?"

− Pedder ‏@ThatPedOne Feb 4

"@wifikettle absolutely super fantastic customer service! Thank you #BestChristmasPresentever"

− Sheridan Orme‏ @Feflo

"Gina in support team at @wifikettle is awesome. My machine has a fault, replacement organised in 48hrs #Smartercoffee"

− Brijesh Patel ‏@Br1_j

"When your kettle can tell you this. Your now living in the future! @Smarter_AM"

− The Baker ‏@BakingBar Feb 6

"Just used my @wifikettle coffee machine this morning, saved 20 minutes on my morning routine. Thanks guys #thefutureishere"

− Dan McCaffrey ‏@dancafs 26 Oct 2015