Cook with inspiration

With busy and hectic lifestyles we all struggle to always cook the meals we want. However, with the help of Smart products and helpful tips, we can hopefully help to ease your stress and help you to ensure you always cook the meals you want. However no two cooks are alike, so we have devised some helpful tips for the particular type of cook you are.

Here at Smarter, we want to help you to find new ways of cooking or ways of improving your current skills whilst cutting down your costs and food waste.

Here’s a list of the most common cooks we found in the kitchen–and advice on how you can change up your cooking style to make the most out of the ingredients you already have in:

The Dump and Stirrer

You cook often and have developed a steady repertoire of dishes whose prep mainly consists of opening cans, tearing into foil pouches, and combining things in pots. It is not to say that your dishes aren’t innovative in their own right but you normally cook meals that are convenient rather than adventurous.

To spice up the variety of dishes you cook throughout the week, you can use apps and products that can help you monitor what you have in. At Smarter we have developed the FridgeCam, it gives a personalised view inside any fridge for a fraction of the cost of an inbuilt device. The app provides a detailed inventory of fridge contents, best before tracker, shopping lists and automated link to online shopping such as Amazon Fresh. This means you can check what you have in your fridge from your smartphone while you’re in the supermarket, giving you the opportunity to make more of what you currently have in, why not add a few new ingredients to your dishes.

The Spice Rack Wizard

To stay on top and make use of all those garnishes, date them so you can make sure you get the most out of them. Also, arrange your cupboards with the older herbs and spices at the front and pop your new pots at the back. For helpful tips and recipes on how to use up your herbs and spices, check out –

Prepped and prepared

On Monday morning, you’re already planning what you’re going to be cooking next weekend. You tend to have a full meal plan prepared and pride yourself on being organised, however, you may still find that you end up with leftover food. We have the perfect solution for you FridgeCam.

Smarter FridgeCam creates a shopping list and has an automated link to online shopping such as Amazon Fresh. Making it easier for you to stay organised, but will help you keep down your food waste as the devices expiry date tracker will tell you when food items are going to run out, allowing you to only buy what you need.

When it comes to cooking we all like to cook and shop differently but the more things can be made easier and fit into our daily lives the better. In the UK the average person spends about 2 hours a week food shopping if this time can be significantly shortened the better! Here at Smarter, we have developed FridgeCam to help you with your weekly shop, reduce your food waste and reduce your spending. To check out more information about FridgeCam to see how you can stay on top of your shopping without any hassle, click the link below.