Klient - feedback program

Receive a £10/€10 Amazon Gift Card when you join the program and submit your feedback.


The Klient Customer Feedback Program encourages customers* who have purchased a Smarter product to share their honest experience about that product, regardless of whether the review is worthy of 1 star or 5 stars.

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Customers who have purchased a Smarter product, either directly from us or through a third-party retailer, can share their experience with us about the product, customer service and the app. To join the program, you need to be invited and will receive an email with the link to complete the form.

All customers* who join the program will receive a small reward from us, a £10 Amazon Gift Card for helping us to improve our products and service.


*In order to verify genuine customers, our Customer Service may contact you to request that proof of purchase be sent to us. We may also verify your email through the Smarter app. Only feedback from customers who purchased a product and who have a Smarter account will be accepted. T & Cs apply.

The Gift Card is restricted to one person per account, and we'll send it via e-mail.

Join now and receive a £10/$10/€10 Amazon Gift Card on us. Why wait? 

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