Now order your weekly shop with Amazon Fresh and Tesco

It’s Friday evening, fantastic! But you find yourself dashing around the supermarket trying to think what else you need to make that ‘signature quiche’ for Phils ‘Friday Friends Favourite Foods’ dinner party tonight. ‘Chilling’ down aisle 14 – ‘When did you last sniff the milk?’ How many eggs do you need? Did you already eat all the cheese?’ ‘You don’t want to overbuy because you are away for the weekend.

We get it, we’ve all been there. But Smarter has the solution – know what’s in when you’re out with FridgeCam! It’s the world’s first wireless fridge camera that can turn any fridge into a smart fridge, allowing you to see the contents of your fridge from anywhere via the Smarter app.

Let’s rewind to 5 hours ago…
You’re sitting at your desk thinking about what you need to pick up on your way home, but wait just check your FridgeCam via the Smarter app, you can see you just need eggs and cheese for your quiche. But why not take it a step further, you can now connect your FridgeCam to your Amazon Fresh. With Amazon Fresh’s speedy delivery you could even get your groceries within the hour. Schedule your shop to arrive as soon as you turn the key in your front door. Also, why not link your Tesco account to your FridgeCam, simply link your account via IFTTT to ensure you are always ahead of the game for your weekly shop.

It gets better, now with SmarterAssist when popping food items into your fridge you just need to scan the product once and its tracked forever, sit back and let the AI do the rest. SmarterAssist is the stepping stone for the FridgeCam to become fully automated.

SmarterAssist Features:

• Select the items in your fridge inventory that you want to track with the latest in AI. FridgeCam will recognise them when they are in view and let you know when you’ve run out.

• Search & Learn: If your tracked items are not immediately recognised and tracked, the data will then be processed in the cloud via SmarterAssist to track the item, verify and improve its accuracy.

• Inventory Management: Once your items have been located, SmarterAssist will then automatically update your inventory, shopping list and notify you when it’s up to date based on what’s in your fridge.

FridgeCam is very affordable when you consider that to get access to the same tech from other brands you’d have to buy an entire smart fridge! It’s an investment that will soon be outweighed by the amount you will save from not buying things you don’t need in your fridge.

We tend to go to the supermarket when we’re hungry (bad idea) and often we’re not even sure of everything we need, so we buy some random things at times. FridgeCam is the helping hand you need to help you with your weekly shop.

To find out more information about FridgeCam check out the link below