Klient - Customer Feedback Program

1. To contribute to the Klient Customer Feedback Program you must have purchased at least one Smarter product from us directly or through a third-party retailer who sells our products. To enable you to provide us with details of your genuine experience, you must have spent some time using our appliances through the Smarter app. 

2. This is an invitation-only program. We will invite our genuine customers to share their experience. If you have not received an invitation to provide feedback, your review will not be considered. ​

3. The £10 Amazon Gift Card will be sent digitally to the email address provided on the survey. Only one submission for each account is eligible to win a Gift Card. We do not allow more than one review from customers who use the account within the same household. If you share your app with family and friends, we will accept an email from the account holder only. You can verify who the account holder is in your app settings. 

3.1. Scenario 1 - If you have one Smarter appliance and share the app for the same product with other users, only the account holder is eligible to join the Klient Customer Feedback Program and receive the Amazon Gift Card.

3.2. Scenario 2 - If you have more than one Smarter appliance and you are the only user, you may review each product but we will consider this to be one account and you will, therefore, receive one Amazon Gift Card for all products feedback. 

4. The Klient Customer Feedback Program is intended to provide useful and appropriate content to help us to improve our services and products. The content you submit should, therefore, be relevant and based on your own honest opinions and actual experience.

5. In order to maintain a helpful environment and achieve the program’s goal, your participation in the Klient Customer Feedback Program must remain respectful. Please do not submit content that is libellous, defamatory, harassing, threatening or inflammatory. Do not impersonate other people or organisations or pretend to be someone or something you are not. Do not share issues related to delays or  delivery. 

6. Who can send feedback?
To submit feedback, you must have purchased any Smarter product regardless of where that product was bought. If you meet this requirement, you will be invited to join the Klient Customer Feedback Program by completing the survey on our website with the following provisos:

6.1. If your feedback is rejected because it does not comply with our guidelines concerning irrelevant content, you may not resubmit feedback for the same product even if the resubmitted feedback includes different content. Users of the product in the same household may not submit multiple feedback (see item 3.1). We may restrict the ability to submit feedback if we detect unusual activity in order to maintain the best possible feedback experience.

7. In order to verify genuine customers, our Customer Service may contact you to request proof of purchase be sent to us. We may also verify your email through the Smarter app. Only feedback from customers who purchased a product and who have a Smarter account will be accepted.

8. The Gift Card is restricted to one person per account, and we'll send it via e-mail.

9. In order to guarantee the delivery of the Amazon Gift Card to participants, we may share your email address with third party websites. 

10. All the data collected will be used solely for the Klient Customer Feedback Program. By joining the program you authorise Smarter to process your data and use this for the purposes described herein.